Probably one of the most hypocritical things we as Christians do is pick and choose which portions of the Bible are appropriate for us to apply in “this day and age” while labeling others, even those more principally significant, as “culturally inappropriate.” Case in point, how many of us like to shout from the comments sections of another’s post about how sinful we think they are behaving? Like Elijah standing on a Facebook wall, we place the horn to our lips and shout God’s verdict in bold black and white, maybe even adding a little .gif or pic like a giant finger pressing down our point. We shout from others’ walls to make our point as loudly as theirs, to display our intellectual, spiritual, or social superiority, and because we think God has to make His point and we are His chosen vessel to do so.

Though there is always a place for Elijahs to stand in the gap, how about listening to Jesus’ words in Mt 18.15-17 and asking our Lord if maybe there’s a wiser, friendlier, more Christian way to go about our rebukes. “If your brother sins… go and show him his fault in private.” Facebook has a nifty device known as the “message” system whereby a person can have a private conversation with another about what they find inappropriate on their wall. It’s a system we avoid because no one but that one person will know just as righteous we are.

Sure, the social norm today is to blast people publicly like a mob stoning a harlot found in her sins but should that be how we as Christians act? Though we will never receive recognition for our private conversations, most of which will be forgotten like a commercial that made you buy that thing you can no longer remember, it’s how Jesus wants us to behave. We should remember that every careless word that is spoken will become a testimony in our judgment, even those posted on a Facebook page (Mt 12.36).


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Disciple of Jesus Christ, husband and father of three, Army officer, and Mike4gzus on XBOX Live.

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