Rules for Bible Study

Have you ever thought, “Man, this Bible study sucks! All they do is argue or gossip or sing songs or nap while they're pretend praying.” I wish God would just give some rules for Bible study. Well, I think He did. A great passage to find these rules is 2Timothy 2.14- 25. Just listen to the “Do's and Don'ts.”

DON'T. “Do not argue about words, it just leads to fights.” Yeah, but the Bible is full of words so of course you're going to fight if you don't agree with the interpretations! If we are God fearing, brother and sister loving Christians, then we should probably agree that a Bible study is not the place to argue about words. Take it outside! “Avoid godless chatter.” I really hate Bible studies that I can attend without ever cracking open the Bible. We call our chatter “good fellowship” as we slander others and talk just like the lost because, hey, we want to be real. That's not Bible Study. “They say the resurrection has already taken place.” Don't make stuff up. If I can't back it up with Scripture, then it's probably just my opinion. We call it “Bible” study not “Mike's opinion” group.

DO's. “Study to show yourself approved.” Here's a novel idea: how about we study the Bible BEFORE we go to Bible study? Then we'll come prepared rather than just listen to those who are. “The Lord's servant must be kind to everyone…” Nice at Bible study? You mean I shouldn't tell people that their interpretation is like listening to a 4 year old read Shakespeare? “He must be able to teach.” What a concept! Everyone should teach rather than just come to be taught. Now why would we want to do that?

“In the hope that God will grant them repentance leading to the knowledge of truth.” My devotions, your beautiful sermon, her euphonious song, nor his inspiring skit will save anybody. Only God grants repentance. Only He gives knowledge of Himself. We have the privilege of being like a flashlight illuminating the Word as a Soldier reads under his poncho liner. Bible study is where we can point out God in His Word. But He still gets to be God: that's the final rule.



About mikewarren4gzus

Disciple of Jesus Christ, husband and father of three, Army officer, and Mike4gzus on XBOX Live.

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